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How did it start?

Several years ago. It was then that the idea was born to design interactive solutions for schools and business under myBoard brand. It quickly turned out that it was a hit, and the brand became part of a large technological metamorphosis in creating new trends in education.

The brand’s offer includes monitors and interactive boards, as well as multimedia tables. It is complemented by dedicated accessories, such as tripods, handles, sound system and interactive shelves.

myBoard is something more…

myBoard is also carefully completed software that allows users the highest comfort of work with the monitor. Hence the myBoard PLUS platform, on which we have collected all available multimedia tools and programs.

Part of something bigger

The myBoard brand is owned by the Mentor company, which since 2001 has been creating trends in new technologies and helping to implement multimedia in schools, offices or facilities. In addition to the myBoard brand, the company’s operations also include the well-known Mentor language labs, subject and nature labs, the SmartFloor interactive floor and a number of STEM solutions for education.

We are not standing still, because interaction is our passion. We have already been appreciated by many users for whom myBoard is such a bigger window to the world.

Thank you for that.